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He’s waited so long. In the dark. And the cold. And the diamonds. Until you came. Bodies so hot. With blood. And pain.

This is, literally, one of the best episodes in new Who. Everything about it was so smartly written. I know when we think of creep factor in DW, we tend to always think of Moffat, but this was one of the few non-Moffat antagonists that seriously scared the shit out of me.This thing is ancient…it had been there for who knows how long, just waiting, biding its time. Who knows how many identities it has stolen in its life time…and it’s so powerful it could even “steal the voice” of a Time Lord.

Mind you, not only does this thing “steal someone’s voice”, it shows a clear capability to actually learn. This thing is learning as the episode progresses, creating a sync with whatever organism it encounters while it learns to mimic it, and mimic its thoughts, and possibly learn to think like said organism at a quicker speed. This creature, literally, became the Doctor for a brief moment and began to think faster than him.

There’s never even an explanation of what this thing is. You never even get to see it. It’s this entity, this thing. I can’t begin to explain how fucking brilliant this episode was. People can hate RTD all they want, but this episode was masterful. I’d say this thing, which is never even named, stands as probably the absolute fucking creepiest antagonist in the new series, followed really closely by the Silence and the ancient entity in The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit.

There are also a lot of complaints about the way Davis writes the 10th Doctor and how arrogant he is, and I think this is one of the few episodes where his arrogance nearly gets him killed. This thing only took over his voice because he just had to tell everyone in the room how clever he was.

This isn’t even taking into account that the entire episode was told in one set. They never leave the shuttle bus  It was nerve wrecking, and a brilliant decision. This is one of the reasons why I think series four of new Who is one of the absolute best in the new series overall.

ironically enough, this was a scrapped idea from the old series. It’s so cool.

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